Product Registration

The main purpose of Product Registration is consumer safety. Dubai municipality is regulatory to hold adequate information to evaluate the safety of products. If the product meets the guidelines set by Dubai Municipality, you will receive a product registration certificate once it is approved or registered. Make a note that every product must be registered in Dubai municipality before placing on the market. Even if the products are imported products for re-export purposes.

Brand Logo & Trademark Registration

Investors and entrepreneurs from across the globe move to the country to start their own companies, which has led to more competition in the market. Some companies may even see their brand name or logo being copied without their permission, which can impact their business. That’s where trademark registration in the UAE can help. Legally registering your trademark, which can be a name or a symbol, in the UAE protects your company. In addition to this, you will be legally recognized as the owner of the goods and services with that trademark.

Import & Export Business License Registration

The first step in starting an export – import business in Dubai – UAE is obtaining trading or general trading license from the relevant license issuing authorities.  A trading license allow you to export and import products. You will also need to register with Dubai customs department once the trading license is issued. However, if plan to import or export any of the item that fall special or restricted category, you will need to obtain a special license from the relevant government office. This includes Gold Trading approval from Dubai Police, Chemical Trading approval from Narcotics department, Food and Beverage approval from Dubai Municipality etc.

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